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HairStroke.FX Brows Workshop

Cost £750

HairStroke.FX Brows came about because through client demand, and in addition the work of my fellow artists, friends and colleagues on social media - I could clearly see more than one HairStroke brow style reference gaining interest and popularity…

Of the many brow styles and finishes - 3 particular hair stroke textures stuck out…

The Classic HairStroke -  a clean crisp stroke

The Pixel HairStroke -  an open pixelated stroke

The Feathered HairStroke -  a scattered pixelated stroke


In addition I was interested in incorporating one, two or all three HairStroke textures in one brow style…

And I had started working on a complete HairStroke brow - overlaid with a simple pixelated ombre fade.


Of the many individual HairStroke types designs and configurations - I identified 3 main hair stroke groups.

Singles - Straight. Curved. S shaped.

Doubles - Double stroke points. Triple stroke points.
Clusters - Clusters. Groups. Links.


Of the many HairStroke pattern designs and configurations I could clearly see 3 HairStroke brow Patterns.


The Spineless brow.

The High Spine brow.

The Low Spine brow.


So in our HairStroke.FX learning program we will be exploring, identifying and learning all these elements.


And these elements together will give you the skills you need to make beautiful HairStroke and Combination HairStroke Brows.


Again and again and again.

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